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    People don’t listen, they just wait for their turn to talk.
    Chuck Palahniuk (via lavishyouth)

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    Everyone should listen to this, you will not be disappointed

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    backstage at 3.1 phillip lim fw14 by jacques habbah

    If you repeat something over and over again it loses its meaning; You watch the sunset too often it just becomes 6 pm, you make the same mistake over and over you stop calling it a mistake. If you just wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up one day you’ll forget why
    Phil Kaye from Repetition  (via whitenes-s)

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    I didn’t even try to love you, it just happened.
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    yesterday i was depressed and my boyfriend told me this 

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    Betty Blue (1986), dir. Jean-Jacques Beineix

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    I don’t know if it’s me but if you notice everybody ducked down after the shot besides his wife who immediately caught him instead of ducking down

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    Mario Walking